The Pros And Cons Of Using Superdrol

When you want to bulk up, you will need three things; a healthy diet, a strict workout program and some steroids. While the latter is not absolutely necessary, it can help to speed up the bodybuilding process. After all, steroids are known to boost protein synthesis as well as increasing production of red blood cells. When you incorporate steroids, such as Superdrol, into your workout program, you can expect to grow more muscle faster, which will in turn allow you to exercise harder for longer. The end result is a transformation of physique and strength. Before you buy Superdrol, or any other steroid for that matter, it is important you learn about these drugs, their side effects and how they work.

Natural Testosterone

Steroids are made to mimic testosterone, which is a naturally-occurring sex hormone. While testosterone production begins at the age of around 13 years and peaks at the age of 18-20 years, testosterone production stagnates and starts to decline from the late twenties and early thirties. Since this hormone is responsible for protein synthesis, which leads to bulking, and red blood cell production, which improves endurance, a low testosterone level can lead to loss of muscle mass as well as accumulation of body fat. The use of steroids, such as superdrol, can help to reverse these changes by maintaining healthy levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Anyone who has experienced delayed puberty might also have lower than normal testosterone levels. A doctor can prescribe Superdrol, or any other anabolic steroid to induce puberty at this late age. As you can see, steroids have both medical and recreational uses.

Side Effects of Superdrol

Before you start searching the internet for Superdrol for sale, it is crucial you learn about the side effects of this anabolic steroid. The following are the two most common side effects of this steroid:

i) Testosterone Suppression

As mentioned above, steroids mimic testosterone, which means that the body will not need to produce testosterone any more because there will be enough testosterone in the body. After a long period of use, testosterone suppression will occur, and this will make you dependent on Superdrol if you would like to enjoy all the benefits of testosterone.

ii) Cholesterol Imbalance

There are two types of cholesterol; good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. In a normal healthy body, the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol is usually high. When you use steroids, however, bad cholesterol increases. This will put you at risk of developing heart disease.